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Why You Should Write the Parent Statement (Even If It’s Optional)

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Some parents and guardians look at the parent statement as one more hoop to jump through in what is already a complex and nuanced application process. We hear questions like, “Why do I have to write a statement if my child is the one who will be admitted?” and “How can I differentiate my child when their personality is still developing and evolving?” These are legitimate questions; however, we encourage you to think of the parent statement in a different light: consider what you would like admissions to know about your child or your interest in the institution in question.

The parent statement is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your interest and humanize your child’s application.

Sure, if you’re applying to preschools, odds are your child is curious and playful and loves nap time (don’t we all?). Don’t fixate too much on differentiating your child (e.g. my child is the next Albert Einstein/Maya Angelou/Pablo Picasso), and instead, take this opportunity to add another dimension to your family’s admission submission. What do you find to be special about your child? What are your hopes for them as it relates to their education? Why do you believe the school in question is the best place for your tot to spend their formative years?

Admissions does not expect your little one to walk in on their first day of school and teach their peers long division, but administrators are hoping your child will be kind to others, respectful of teachers, and excited about playing and learning. If you foresee your child facing obstacles as they adapt to a classroom environment, the parent statement could be a great place to express those concerns in a constructive way and share how you would work with administrators to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. 

Ultimately, even though the parent statement might seem confounding or excessive at first, it exists to provide you and school administrators with a better understanding of how to best serve and support your child. So, don’t forgo the opportunity to write one if given the chance!

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