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The 2021-22 Xavier High School in CT Application Essay Guide

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apples real college essay examplesIf you’re applying to Xavier High School in Middletown, CT, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find the two prompts for the admissions essays required of applicants. You’ll notice that admissions is asking applicants to pen their responses in their own handwriting. So, let’s crack our knuckles and dive in!

Directions: Please respond to the following prompts. The responses are to be solely authored by the student applicant in their own handwriting. Please complete essays in the space provided or on an attached page. When complete, you should scan and upload this page to your application.

Essay Prompt 1: Discuss at least two reasons why you want to attend Xavier High School.

This prompt is pretty straightforward. Why do you want to attend Xavier High School? Saying “because my parents told me to” is not going to cut it here. If nothing comes to mind immediately, go to Xavier’s website to explore their offerings. And don’t be afraid to approach the prompt from a personal place. Maybe your father attended this school and you’ve been regaled with stories over the years about how wonderful the experience was. Or perhaps your faith is incredibly important to you, and you’d like to attend an institution that integrates Christian values into the education. Whatever your reasoning, speak from the heart and we’re sure admissions will want to get to know you better. 

Essay Prompt 2: Xavier is a community of scholars and leaders who use their gifts and talents in service to others. What gifts and talents do you bring to the Xavier community? How do you currently use your talents in service to others?

Xavier is not the first school to ask applicants about what they will contribute to their community, and they won’t be the last! Think about your gifts and talents. Ask your favorite relatives what they think you contribute to their lives and the lives of others. And don’t forget to answer the second part of the prompt: How do you currently contribute to your community? You can talk about everything from the responsibilities you assume at church, the work you do as a Boy Scout, or even the chores you pick up at home so there’s less on your mom’s plate. Think about how you like to service your community, and then connect that to your future at Xavier High School. 

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