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How to Respond to The Standard Application Online (SAO)’s Optional Covid-19 Prompt for Parents

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How have COVID-19 and remote learning impacted your child personally and/or academically? Please use this space to describe what you and your child have learned through your positive and/or negative experiences with this challenge.

We have all experienced major disruptions in our routines and daily lives as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Navigating remote learning presented challenges for students and parents alike. Admissions wants to give you the opportunity to elaborate on how COVID-19 and virtual schooling impacted your child. Many parents are concerned about pandemic-related learning loss and the limited opportunities children have had to develop their social skills over the past year.

We recommend employing a positive framework in which to discuss the impact of remote learning and the pandemic on your child in an honest way. If you fear your child is falling behind academically, you can express your concerns while also highlighting how you foresee your child rising to the occasion when back in class next year. If nothing immediately comes to mind when reading this prompt, you can feel free to skip it. Don’t write a response just to write one. Instead, use this as an opportunity to provide the schools to which you’re applying with information that will help them best support your child.

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